WaR Timeline

So, if you've read our profile description, then you know that Within a Reverie is not only a progressive rock outfit, but also that the band itself is an experiment with an already-determined beginning and end point. This section of our blog is intended to give you more insight into this project, and to let you connect the temporal "dots," so to speak.

That's right. We are the band with a plan! 

We intend to record 10 specific experiments in prog (or whatever you want to call it), and below is a very rough outline of our intended releases, up through the 4th project. Information regarding the other 6 projects will be disclosed as we get closer to them.

For some of the albums that are still a few projects out, information may seem partially incomplete at times. We'll be updating this info as songs are composed, parts recorded, and projects completed, so I invite you to enjoy watching it all come together! Every song that you see listed is either partially or completely composed/arranged.

Lastly, although this timeline represents the path we will be taking album-wise, we want everyone to know that we are also saving some room for fun in between (mini-projects, videos, or whatever)!

Within a Reverie

Within a Reverie is our debut album. It is, along with our upcoming second release, an experiment with songs in verse/chorus arrangements. For this first project, the compositions, for the most part, operate with an emphasis on how we simultaneously uphold and play with that structural paradigm. For example, where do we insert the bridge? Where does a solo belong? Why not change the lyrics in the chorus, but keep the melody the same? Very basic diversifications in form,  but ones that vary from song to song. Additionally, this project begins a love affair that focuses on instrumentation arrangement that is sure to last throughout each and every project.

Track Listing:
1. Romance, Meet Real [Dilley/Hector/Ford/Marx]
2. My Ideal World [Dilley]
3. Wish Away [Dilley/Hector]
4. The Dawn of Dark Skies [Dilley/Hector/Marx]
5. Midnight Meditation [Dilley]
6. A Blind Beginning [Dilley]
7. Fresh Eyes [Dilley/Hector]
8. The Ivory Stepping Stone [Dilley]
9. Believable Fiction [Dilley/Marx]

 Download/Purchase/Experience the Album Here: http://withinareverie.bandcamp.com/releases

Speaking Through Prisms

Much like the preceding project, Speaking Through Prisms is an experiment with verse/chorus arrangements, and the last one that will specifically feature a selection of songs that intentionally adhere to that sort arrangement schema. This release stresses arrangement in terms of instrumentation within each section more so than its predecessor, and has the added sonic element of electronic parts incorporated into most tracks.

The title of this project is also a reference to a lyrical agenda as well. Anywhere there are lyrics on this album, they have a symbolic meaning beyond their face value. At times the lyrics barely meet this requirement by being extremely poetic, other times they go far beyond it by not only having a higher message, but being written within symbolic patterns. There are also moments in the instrumentation where what the instruments play also contains intentional messages--some open to interpretation and some with only a single, unmistakeable reading. All of these sometimes cryptic and sometimes obvious messages are the "prisms" through which this album speaks.

Track Listing:
1. Take a Picture [Dilley]
2. Toward Passing [Dilley/Kinney]
3. A Thousand Names [Dilley]
4. Feelin' Fine [Dilley]
5. Down [Dilley/Hector]
6. The Man Who Stopped the Rain [Dilley/Marx]
7. The Next Failure [Dilley/Hector]
8. Before the End [Dilley/Marx/Ford]
9. Lullaby Disguise [Dilley]
10. Theft [Dilley]
11. Sadness [Dilley]
12. Joy [Dilley]
13. Justified Revenge [Dilley]
14. A Great Leap [Dilley/Marx]
15. It Began with a Scream [Dilley]
16. A Paradigm in Puzzles [Dilley]
17. Language [Dilley]

Sculptures of Sound

While the transition from Within a Reverie to Speaking Through Prisms will sound a bit incremental to listeners who don't make a habit of deep listening, our third project, Sculptures of Sound, is an unmistakeable leap in direction. This is an all instrumental project, where we intend to explore instrumental rock to the utmost of our abilities. Instrumental music, while taken for granted in most arenas of music, is a very special thing when it comes to rock, and that narrowly defined type of music ("instrumental rock") has been a passion of mine for quite sometime. The extent of experimentation with instrumental rock will result in the vocal-less quality being its strongest uniting factor in the album's sound--that is, the style of music on this album ranges from jazz-hard rock fusion, metal, soft ensemble music, "traditional"progressive sounds, and more, so the jumble of genres will be less indicative of the album's sound than its purely instrumental status.

In terms of production, although the variety of songs represents a huge diversity in sound, the goal is to achieve more of a live sound where possible, rather than a feel that is overly "studio." In addition to those production goals, I have already become quite aware that in order to get the sounds I am hoping for, I will need to utilize a number of different pieces of equipment. Specifically speaking, some of the guitar sounds I'll be looking to create are undoubtedly Fender sounds, rather than the more metal "Marshall" sound, we'll be introducing a lot of keyboard parts, and much in the way Speaking Through Prisms introduces electronic elements, Sculptures of Sound will present the addition of orchestration. All in all, it will an interesting tapestry of tones and techniques!

Some of the following tracks are up-in-the-air due to various reasons. In the tradition of a lot of instrumental releases outside the genre of rock, we hope to include several cover arrangements, and that presents the obstacles of getting the rights to record and release copyrighted material. It isn't a huge obstacle, so I doubt it will be an issue, but there ya go! Additionally, I am so pleased with the strength of these compositions that it's been difficult narrowing them down. Given that, this may prove to be a double-length album, or if I can be a man and make the cuts, you'll see some of these titles disappear in the coming months. For now, I relish the idea of a double-length instrumental album.  Also, this project is LOADED with some surprises that won't be obvious from song titles alone.

Track Listing:

1. Lost in a Memory [Dilley]
2. The Great Gig in the Sky [Wright]
3. Chasing Down the Last Loose End [Dilley]
4. Kaleidoscope [Dilley]
5. Numbers are Fake [Dilley]
6. Bits and Bits [arrang. by Dilley]
7. The Contemporary Exotic (A Post-Modern Experience) [Dilley]
8. Sonic Truths (Just Above Absolute) [Dilley]
9. Painter of the Clouds [Dilley]
10. Immolation  [arrang. by Dilley]
11. Dark Cloud on a Still Day [Dilley]
12. Beneath the Atoms [Dilley]
13. Op. 37 [Granados, arrang. by Dilley]
14. In the Veins of Adventure [Dilley/Hector/Ford/Marx/Kinney]
15. If Distance Was Nothing, I'd be... [arrang. Dilley]
16. ...And They Lived Off Chemistry [Dilley]
17. Dialogue [Dilley]
18. Beau Soir [Debussy, arrang.Dilley]
19. Sorrow in Beautiful Voices [Dilley]
20. Starting to Find Oneself [Dilley]
21. Void pt. 1 [Dilley]
22. Void pt. 2 [Dilley]


The project Coalesce represents many things. In many ways, the previous three albums are a perfect primer for the character of this project: Within a Reverie establishes a solid but basic stylistic foundation, Speaking Through Prisms introduces electronic elements, and Sculptures of Sound brings both extensive instrumentalism and orchestration into the mix--all of which make up the sound of Coalesce. For this project we have decided to try and create an album that combines every artistic influence that we can into not only one album, but in each song that appears within it as well. And interestingly, given that we know what the subsequent 6 projects will sound like, you will undoubtedly hear in this record the influences that we will focus on more intently in later projects.

Think of it as that last great record a band makes that sounds like all their old and new stuff mixed together...except we're gonna do it in the middle, ha! Electronic, orchestrated, loud guitars. I'm shedding tears of joy! Some of the compositions on this record are the most progressive that I have ever written, and I am truly beside myself with anticipation.

Track Listing:

1. Everything Created [Dilley]
2. Poet [Dilley/Marx]
3. Mired in History [Dilley]
4. Reprising the Uprising [Dilley/Marx]
5. Coalesce [Dilley]
6. Equations that Work, Voices the Find [Dilley]
7. Unrequited [Dilley]
8. Not a Word for the Way You Left Me Pt. 1 [Dilley]
9. Not a Word for the Way You Left Me Pt. 2 [Dilley]
10. The Counselor  [Dilley]
11. From Before to After [Dilley]
12. Collision of the Infinite Selves [Dilley]
13. The Calm [Dilley/Hector/Marx]

Check back, as there is more to come! Remember, this post will updated, added to, and revised. There will be no other "entries" in this section of our blog site, but rather the information here will grow as our projects do.


As stated in the introduction to this section, we have a few smaller projects we intend to release as well. This list will also be continually expanding. Here goes...

Dreamscape Symphony
Track Listing:
1. Overture in Words
2. Dreamscape Symphony
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. A Happy Demise
5. Lie to Me
6. Summoning the Strength for Tomorrow

Acoustic Takes Vol. 1
Track Listing:
1. Prelude #1
2. The Next Failure
3. Believable Fiction
4. Take a Picture
5. A Happy Demise
6. Romance, Meet Real