Sunday, August 24, 2014

Possible Special Engagement Winter 2015 - EP Updates

Hey Dreamers,

Just writing to pass on a few updates.

Within a Reverie LIVE in a Special Engagement

In conjunction with a certain musical ensemble from a certain liberal arts college (names to be announced as date draws nearer), Within a Reverie may be putting on a concert in late February/early March of 2015. That's still a ways out, but for what we have planned, it will take that amount of time to execute. I hate to leave people hanging, but that's all I will say for now, even though there is a bit more I could reveal about it. Just know that it is more than likely that this will happen, and I cannot wait to share it with everyone. I also am dying to play live again. It's been WAY too long.

Summer EPs
Work is cruising along with our Acoustic Takes Vol. 1 and Dreamscape Symphony EPs. We had a bit of a tech failure last night and will take a day or two to correct. Distractions from our day jobs will be heating up again as summer winds down, which will also present a bit of a delay. However, as I stated before, most of the instrumentation is recorded for Acoustic Takes and work is plugging along nicely on the Dreamscape Symphony. I regret to say, though, that an end of August release time is no longer feasible. I am now shooting to cap this all off in September. We appreciate your patience with all of this, and are extremely grateful to the people who are sticking with us through this.

Fun Stuff on 2nd Album
If you are a musician and interact with  Within a Reverie's Nick Dilley on any online musicians forums,  you may already know that we've been recruiting speakers of various languages from all over the world to help create something rather unique with their native languages. We've had helpers from Norway, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, and Finland, and are expecting to receive audio contributions from people in the Congo, Togo, Brazil, Poland, and Mexico. I'll just leave you with that little tidbit. It's only halfway there, but it's already amazingly beautiful.

Stay tuned, friends, and we will get the music out as soon as we are humanly capable.