Saturday, July 12, 2014

Call For Assistance!

Hey Everyone,


On our second album, Speaking Through Prisms, we have two tracks that will feature spoken word sections in different languages. I am making this post in the hope that any Within a Reverie fans or observers outside of America would like to record two short audio clips to be featured on the album.
So far, we have Mandarin (中国) and Cantonese Chinese (香港), Japanese, Norwegian, and Lingala (Congo dialect). If you speak a language other than these NATIVELY, and would like to contribute, we would be forever thankful and in your debt. Nick Dilley, of Within a Reverie, would also be personally willing to return the favor in the form of guitar, bass, or vocal recording for a short project of anyone that contributes. Any language will do, and the recordings would only take a few minutes to make.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help! The end product is going to be AWESOME.

If you're interested, contact us directly through Twitter, Facebook, or navigate over to our "Around the Web" tab (above right) for other means.