Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Final Track List Update

Here it is! The complete track lists for the Dreamscape Symphony EP and our Acoustic Takes Vol. 1 EP.

Dreamscape Symphony

1. An Overture in Words
2. Dreamscape Symphony
3. Eleanor Rigby [Beatles cover]
4. A Happy Demise
5. Lie to Me [Depeche Mode cover]
6. Summoning the Strength for Tomorrow (In Tribute to a Dream)

Acoustic Takes Vol. 1

1. The Next Failure
2. Believable Fiction
3. Take a Picture
4. A Happy Demise
5. Toward Passing
Romance, Meet Real

We are excited to be working on these projects and plan to get these out by the end of summer. Keep a look out for our 2nd full-length album, Speaking Through Prisms, to be released by the end of the year. Recording is chugging along with this one, and we're also in the midst of working out the album artwork. So far, it's all had a very impressionist flavor!