Sunday, May 4, 2014

Recording Stuff

As I mentioned last month, new preview videos coming soon!

But, I am posting just to lay out the plan for the rest of the year, simple as it is.

This summer, I am planning bringing out two releases from nearly opposite ends of the Within a Reverie spectrum. Although I am not sure which will come first at this point, I'll be dropping The Dreamscape Symphony and Acoustic Takes - Vol. 1.

The Dreamscape Symphony is truly an exercise in the epic, and will probably appeal to fans of classic prog. We're hoping for widespread appeal, but we're calling it like we see it. This little 6-track collection will also include two covers that we've long wanted to record. We figured that an EP would be an ideal spot for some random, one-off cover tune fun.

Acoustic Takes - Vol. 1 is going to fun, too. Despite stripping down some aspects of our sound, we hope that we can still convey the density that we love to hear in the music we create. This project actually came about for a very specific reason. We've been frustrated with the amount of time it's taken to get through recording and producing our second album (which is still coming and which will be awesome!), so it was decided that we'd record a little segue project. Acoustic Takes - Vol. 1 is just that--a segue, a transition. It will include acoustic renditions of a couple tracks from Within a Reverie and Speaking through Prisms apiece, as well as one from The Dreamscape Symphony EP. So, a review of Within a Reverie, a preview of Speaking Through Prisms, and an alternate look at one track from The Dreamscape Symphony EP. Why "Vol. 1"? Well, we like the idea (and recordings we've done thus far) so much, that we decided that we'll probably throw together one of these Acoustic Takes EPs between each full-length album release.

It's already clear that July will be the month of huge progress this summer. We'll get some stuff done this month, and some more done in June, but time has been cleared for July for accomplishing a lot. These two EPs should be out sometime during August, and our second full-length album, Speaking Through Prisms will be complete by the end of the year.

Rock on, people!