Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Podcasts and Project Updates!

Hey WaR fans!

Just saw that our tune "The Ivory Stepping Stone" was included in the 26th installment of the Progshine podcast!

Listen here: http://www.progshine.net/2013/09/podcast-26-100913.html

We gotta show love to the people promoting new original music (and doing a good job of it at that), so check out Progshine on Facebook, like 'em, and listen to all their programs at progshine.net

Project Updates:

Things have been a bit cool on the website front, but we'll have some more reviews and a new video soon.

As for recording projects, progress is being made on our upcoming Dreamscape Symphony EP, and development on the second album is steadily unfolding, including some exciting collaborations with guest vocalists.

We'd like to post some more previews, so stay tuned for that!