Sunday, October 28, 2012

Short Little Update

Hey Everyone,

 Okay I just want to update you on what I've done since last week and what's on the horizon.

"Believable Fiction" is the last track that needs mixing on our debut album project. We had to re-track some backups vocals, but that is now out of the way, and mixing is nearing completion. I am pumped to get this song out to you guys!

"Not a Word for the Way You Left Me" (the performance video) is also coming along nicely. Although, editing together so many camera angles can be time consuming. I think I can have that completed in the next week or week and a half. I plan on losing some sleep to get that accomplished!

New Prog Posts are being worked on this very moment. In addition to the addendum I'll post about Progressive Listening, some of the upcoming posts will deal with very specific qualities of music and how they relate to progressive music and other styles. Some of the themes of these posts will be abstract, and some will be relatively concrete.

So, for this week, I'll leave you with this update, and if I can work something else in that I can post for you all, I will!