Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Take a Picture" Acoustic Version, and Other News

Hey Guys!

Here's our latest little video product showcasing an acoustic version of one of the songs from our upcoming album Speaking Through Prisms. Much like our video for "Toward Passing," this video takes a lot of liberties with the structure and harmony of the original, while maintaining its lyrics and, hopefully, mood and quality of the piece.

This video is also in our Video Log portion of the site, so feel free to kick back and enjoy video after video of Within a Reverie goodness!

For next week, we will have one of two posts. If fortune smiles upon us, we should have a newly mixed "Fresh Eyes" ready to go for all of you with the accompanying SongTalk post.

If not, I have prepared a new installment for the Progressive Discussion portion of our site, entitled "Progressive Listening: Various Methods and Manners Through Which to Hear Your Music!" I have had a lot of fun writing it, and it ties into the previous 5 posts nicely. Hopefully it will be the perfect segue to our more episodic posts regarding progressive music.

 Lastly, for those of you who watch this week's update and think "I thought these guys were progressive hard rock...not an acoustic group!" I have news for you. We've been mixing down and cutting together a live performance of the track "Not a Word for the Way You Left Me," and I may....just maybe...let a little preview slip out soon.

I kind of want to unleash it all at once and melt some faces, but we'll see how our song mixing goes for the remaining two tracks on Within a Reverie. If we are still lagging behind (God forbid!), then a sweet little taste of the insanity that is "Not a Word for the Way You Left Me" just might be in order.

Anyway, without further adieu, I give you an acoustic rendition of "Take a Picture."

ps. if you want a tiny glimpse at what "Take a Picture" will sound like on our 2nd album, watch our bass lines preview video through to the end. You'll get a taste of harmoniously raunchy chords and fat, heavy bass. See our Video Log, or watch here: Bass Lines Preview on YouTube