Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Wasn't To Be, and What is Yet to Come: “Dreamscape Symphony”

As you all know, Andy, Joe, and I have all been extremely excited to share our first, self-titled album, Within a Reverie, with you. The purpose of this week’s blog entry is to inform you that the 9 tracks that you will know as the first album are only 9 of an originally-intended 10 tracks. The un-included 10th track was titled “Dreamscape Symphony,” and we chose not to release it as part of the album proper in the interest of maintaining our sanity and getting the rest of the album out to you in a timely manner.1


"Dreamscape Symphony" is such an epic track (and already mostly recorded!) that it would be impermissible to simply leave it collecting dust on the musical inventory shelves of our minds. So, although fate did not allow it to be a part of Within a Reverie, “Dreamscape Symphony” will be released either as a stand-alone track or on an EP with a few additional tracks. The current plan is to work on the project simultaneously with Within a Reverie's second release, Speaking Through Prisms.

That being said, it is a little ambiguous at this point whether or not it will be finished before the second album. If finished before, the general recording sound of the track (and EP, if applicable) will be akin to Within a Reverie, and surely sound like a natural step between two albums. If finished after the second album, it may present itself as a bit of a throwback to the debut album's sound. Either way, "Dreamscape Symphony" and the few other tracks potentially accompanying it will be strong compositions and it will be well worthwhile.

So, if it is an EP, what else is going to be included? Here's a tentative track list:

1. Dreamscape Symphony
2. (awesome cover song)2
3. A Happy Demise
4. Summoning the Strength for Tomorrow (instrumental)

I hope this pumps you up as much as it does for me! It’s still up in the air at this point whether we’ll do the EP or not, but those are the tracks being considered for the project if we do indeed decide to go with multiple tracks. You can certainly count on “Dreamscape Symphony” being finished, and we would love to be able to create those other tracks for your enjoyment as well!

Stay tuned for more newly mixed tracks off our debut album, Within a Reverie. The next track we plan on releasing is the bass-tastic and harmonically quirky “The Ivory Stepping Stone.” Can you say “catchy bass lines in 5/4”?!?!

1 Dreamscape Symphony is quite a project--fully orchestrated, epic in length, and just all-around demanding on a lot of our musical faculties; lots of dynamics, technically demanding stuff, and everything from electronic tones/beats to full orchestra action!
2 I'm sorry to be so cryptic about the cover song. This is both because I love surprises, and because I will be going through the appropriate legal processes for being able to sell the track when all is said and done—attaining cover rights, etc. I'll give you a hint, though: it's an oft-covered, oft-butchered song, and we made it heavy, but did it right! Ha ha! Let the anticipation begin.