Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Song A-Comin' and New Section for the Blog...and Another Excuse...

Hey everyone, and welcome to this week's Monday...er...Tuesday update!

I'm writing to day to inform you about progress in a few areas:

We've made progress on our mix of "The Ivory Stepping Stone," and it shouldn't be too long before we get it out to you! I have my SongTalk all written up and ready to share--and what an exciting song to talk about!

Prog Blog: Entry #5 is still in the works. I have made some big leaps, but when reviewing it last night, I decided a bit of re-writing was in order. I'm sorry to keep you waiting, especially my friends over at Prog Archives, but I want this final entry to really drive home my major arguments regarding progressive art, and that requires more attention to detail! I'll keep you posted.

Video Stuff: I've begun work on two more videos for our YouTube channel (and Video Log, of course!), so stay tuned for those. One of those videos is another Speaking Through Prisms preview video, focusing on some of my favorite bass lines, and the other is something in between a music video, performance video, and short film.

New Section for the Blog! By tomorrow evening, but probably much earlier, I will have set up the newest section of this blog: the Within a Reverie Timeline. There's no attempt at copying Facebook timelines intended, it is just the right word for the section! Basically, if you've read our Blogger or Facebook profile, you know that we've already given Within a Reverie a lifespan. We're unsure as to how long it will last, but the number of major projects is essentially set.

Instead of keeping things quiet as a means of procuring anticipation like most bands do, we've decided we want to be upfront about what our plans are, and how we're progressing with them.

Weird, huh? Well, we're different that way!

When the WaR Timeline is up (it will be a little tab at the top like "Video Log," "SongTalk," and "Progressive Discussion"), it will be pretty self-explanatory, but for this update, I just want to say that it will include abstracts for the goals of each of our projects, general outlines for the "sounds" that we'll be going for, track lists (updated as we add/remove/revise) for each project and more.

See you soon!