Saturday, April 21, 2012

Within a Reverie Album Update

Hey everyone! I apologize for the delay in blog posts. My intention is to update the blog weekly, if not more often. Today I am posting mostly to just keep you all updated with our progress and to give you news about what else is to come!

First up, album update:

We've essentially finished mixing tracks 1 through 3, and are currently working on tracks 4 and 6. "The Dawn of Dark Skies," which is the 4th track off the album, is nearly finished, with minor adjustments remaining. Track 6, "A Blind Beginning," isn't quite as far, but the special attention being paid to it's post-production is going to help make it something special!

Other news:

 We're currently discussing plans for a few video productions during the upcoming summer and beyond. The first will most likely be "Midnight Meditation," the 5th track off of our album. It will be short, but EPIC in it's brevity!

The second video that may make it's way to your computer screens this summer is the truly crazy "Not a Word for the Way You Left Me." This will require a great deal of planning, as well as some collaboration from outside musicians. The reason for revealing this as-of-now-potential project is that it will be an exciting preview of one of Within a Reverie's future albums--that is, not a part of our soon-to-be-released "Within a Reverie" or the upcoming 2nd album "Speaking Through Prisms." We'll keep you posted as this exciting project develops.

Other than video news, stay tuned for more blog entries! We'll have commentary posted with each newly mixed song, new entries for the progressive discussion, and other new features of this blog.